The Juxtaposition Debate

Having previously worked on various TV projects, André was persuaded to bring his experience to the radio and recruited Easy and Roxanne in on the project.  A lateral thinker with a mischievous sense of humour André is renowned for thinking outside of the box and producing magical moments with an ability to view subjects from unusual angles. His sharp intellect, assertive approach and ‘close to the edge’ style of delivery makes him a formidable adversary in any debate.

Easy, The maverick of the bunch having honed his comedy alongside the likes of Richard Blackwood, John Simmit, Junior Simpson, Aymer & Powell, Geoff Schumann, Leo Chester etc. Easy took a sabbatical to do other things, but was drawn back to being a funster while doing shows at the Edinburgh Festival. He can at times be raw, refined, and positively delightful in parts. But what you hear is what you get, quick wit, banter with passion.

Roxanne is the Producer of the program, the glue which holds everything together. Her attention to detail, ability to multi task and research skills make her an invaluable asset to the team. The Juxtapose between herself and the two men makes for the perfect blend and adds yet another dimension to a unique concept.

The Juxtaposition Debate concept: To put a spin on the traditional chat show format. To bring a fun fresh element to debates and conversations by producing totally honest, unscripted discussions on any given topic relying on wit, banter and spontaneity.