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Rodrigo Ventour

Its all about the Hiphop!

I purchased my first 12″ record in 1984 which was ‘Ghostbusters’ By Ray Parker Jnr. I have never looked back since then. the collection is over 5000!

First started Dj’ing from the age of 15 when I inherited a pair of Technics SL1200’s. In those days that is what all Dj’s used to mix on. Over the years I was given the chance to play at various venues over London with a number of Hiphop Dj’s like Shorty Blitz, Ras Kwame (before he turned to Reggae) and  Ease Back.

I started my radio career with ‘BnB London’ in 2016 which after years of being in the wilderness (Family, Kids) I decided to get back on into it as I was getting fed-up with what i was listening to on the Radio. After a year with them I joined ‘Conscious’ which is now ‘FOAM’