Mr Henna

Mr Henna aka HennaCee aka Colin Henna McKie

Mr Henna started out in this game from the age of 16, where I became writing to rhymes over Hip Hop instrumentals, trying to find my own style. A chance meeting with friends led to a friendship with the legendary DNB producer DJ Pascal (Playaz Recordings/ True Playaz), but after a few years of making beats and writing rhymes, we went our separate musical ways, whilst still remaining friends to this day.

Forward a few years and few more DJ’s (DJ Pulse (Creative Wax) gets a special mention) I teamed up with my final Hip Hop producer and together formed “Original Dimension” releasing a few tunes on our own “True 2 Da Game” label.  I’d always had a love for dj’ing and with encouragement from the DJ’s I’d worked with, I grabbed and few bits of kit and the rest is well …. you know what they say.

Nowadays you can find me alongside The Samurai Soul family or repping the Simply Good Music Show, both giving me the license to play multi genres and not pigeon holing or placing myself into any specific musical box.

Anyways that’s enough about me for now as the journey continues … .