Dolce Vita with Lavinia

Hello beautiful people, this is Lavinia, founder of Dolce Vita – Thank you for your interest in getting to know our brand.

We are a female-run LGBTQ+ friendly electronic music brand, based in Bristol, introducing new artists to the Bristolian underground scene and support local talents. Our nights promote chill and relaxed vibes and ensure the creation of an inclusive and safe space for everyone.

Last Autumn, we started running a monthly show here on FOAM Radio every 1st Sunday of the month from 2 PM.

We refused to let Covid-19 stopping us from creating a safe space for our audience and supporting the local scene; we wanted to bring our motto to the radio and still offer a place of evasion and expression to our people. The show showcases producers, DJs, LGBTQ+ brands, artists of different followings and sizes. Through the episodes, we like to show diversity and uniqueness and give a space for people to discuss their brands, their goals, their achievements and showcase their talent through special mixes.

A bit about myself & the brand:

‘I decided to start Dolce Vita in July 2019, as I wanted to create a space where myself and my friends could feel safe and accepted and have a good night, listening to the music we truly loved.

I wanted a place supportive of my community and the local electronic music scene, a label-free place, where EVERYONE is welcome if they want to have a good time and be respectful.

Slowly, Dolce Vita has become more than an event brand, it developed into a platform for music lovers and artistic minds.’

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