Colin Williams - 50 Shades of Soulful House

I was fortunate to be a 70s, 80s child. I grew up at the dawn of so much great UK dance music street culture underpinned by the ability to dance (as that was the way to get and keep the girls happy). We started with Jazz, Disco, Jazz Funk, Boogie, a bit of Hip Hop, Electro, House, UK Garage and more House. I lived in North London and the Royalty in Southgate was the centre of the street dance music world (with DJ Froggy, Paul Anderson and George Power playing) and all we did was dance, went to dance music weekenders, rollerskated and partied.

It was definitely the late DJ Froggy with his huge home made Matamp system at the Royalty beat mixing disco and boogie (records that drift) on 1200s that that’s what made me want to be DJ. Then at about 18 I blagged a spot at a club called Eltons in Tottenham and its opposite club the Mayfair across the road playing “upfront” dance music of the day (with some party rubbish when people got too drunk – haha) Musically for me the” best music band of ALL time “Earth Wind and Fire”.

I play soulful house, 80s boogie and old disco funk. Im a resident at the Southport Weekender and Suncebeat.